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What will fit in our units?

5 by 5 Feet -  Small furniture, drawers, mattress set & totes


5 by 10 Feet  -  This unit can accommodate approximately 1 bedroom of furniture plus a twin bed, a dining room table, lamps, chairs, and dining room table. This unit is ideal for sports team equipment between games and in the off-season. It is also convenient for salespeople to store their sales inventory, such as business items and excess furniture.


10 by 10 Feet  -  This unit can accommodate family room furniture and 2 sets of bedroom furniture plus a desk, a chair, and miscellaneous boxed items. This is another unit that is good for storing sports equipment and office inventory.


10 by 15 Feet  - This unit can accommodate approximately 2 to 3 bedrooms of furniture, major appliances, clothing, furniture, home office equipment, and miscellaneous boxed items. The unit is ideal for storing 2 offices of furniture and equipment.



10 by 20 Feet, 10 by 25 Feet, 10 by 30 Feet - Each of these units is the size of a small, one-car garage. Each can accommodate approximately 3 to 4 bedrooms of furniture, office equipment, inventory, and miscellaneous boxed items.


Outside Storage  -  We also offer outside storage for vehicles, boats, and trailers.

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For our public service industry employees — police, firefighters, military personnel

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